Lamex Office Furniture Lease

Designed workplaces for all

Lamex becomes one of the 1st companies to provide office furniture leasing in China. Now, designed workplaces are even more accessible and easier to achieve for all companies.

Lamex is a leader, a pioneer, and an innovator. Throughout the past 38 years, Lamex has always been at the forefront of change. We understand change, we define change, and we lead change.

1978  1st  5-year Warranty program in China

1985  1st  Representative office in Beijing of foreign office furniture company

1991  1st  Locally designed and manufactured panel system in China

1992  1st  Office furniture company to be listed in the HK stock market

2006  1st  Office furniture company in China to be part of New York Stock Exchange listing

We believe good things happen in the right workplaces. As your trusted partner, Lamex provides high quality designed workplace solutions for you as always, and now we move a step forward by providing an extra way to pay with Shengye Lease:
Enjoy efficient, flexible and collaborative offices with simple monthly payment.

How does this benefit my business?

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How it Works?

  • 1.  Work with your Lamex consultant and your designer to create your workplace solution
         and select your furniture;

  • 2.  Approve your Lamex proposal;

  • 3.  Select your lease option:

  • Financial Lease

    ‘Our company will keep using the furniture I select and
    I want to own them in the end.’
    Gain ownership with installment payments

  • Operating Lease

    ‘Our company wants to conserve cash but still achieve
    a high-quality workplace solution.’
    Conserve cash through installment payment

Download the brochure to learn more

What does it cost?

  • Amount CNY  

    Option Financial lease - Down Payment

    20%   30%   40%

    Operating Lease -

  • OK
  • Down Payment
    Period Monthly Payment Total Payment
    24 Month
    36 Month

* The data sample is only for reference. Please contact Lamex to get your lease plan

How do I start creating my new workplace:

Contact your Lamex
Representative to
create your


your new

Our members or partners will help
you find the right solution for your

Just a few
forms and certificates
are required

Includes furniture, space
planning assistance, installation,
and after-sale service,
with easy monthly payments
Download the brochure to learn more

Need Help?

+ Contact your Lamex sales representative
+ Lamex Financial Service Counselor 800 8206 073

About Lamex

Lamex is a leader, a pioneer, and an innovator. We have grown from our humble beginnings as a Hong Kong based company to become the leading player in China. Throughout the past 38 years, Lamex has always been at the forefront of change. We understand change, we define change, and we lead change.
In 2006 Lamex made history as the first Chinese office furniture company to be part of a listing company on the NYSE. Lamex become a member of HNI Corp, the second biggest office furniture manufacturer in the world. Together Lamex and HNI became the first and only furniture company in China to have a combined history over 100 years.

About SFG

Shengye(SY) Financial Leasing is one of the core subsidiaries of SY Financial Group. The company is licensed by State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China(SAIC), and hava 2 branches set up in Shenzhen and Tinjian. With 150 million USD registered capital, SY become one of the largest foreign financial leasing company in China providing customized professional and international financial leasing services.SY provides financial solutions to clients by offering comprehensive leasing programs.

Designed workplaces for all.